While searching for a Healthcare Facility for a Loved One, chances are someone will browse through your Google reviews.

The best way to make sure you look great on google is to not only encourage your residents' loved ones to leave authentic positive reviews - but to make it super easy for them.

The Striv360 platform has social review generation built-in!

Our system automatically sends an SMS message to visitors roughly 20-minutes after their visit, thanking them for visiting and requesting them to share their experience online with a direct link to your google page.

This has proven to be a phenomenal way to increase your google activity, star rating, and positive comments.


Visitors will only receive a social review request if they sign out on the kiosk before leaving your facility. Politely requiring all visitors to sign-out before leaving your facility will significantly impact the number of social requests our system sends, and thus the number of reviews you will receive. The "check-out percentage" is an important metric and is included in your digest emails and accessible via the dashabord.

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