In addition to tracking visitors, the Striv360 kiosk can also track the Vendors that come through your building.

 If "Vendor Tracking" is enabled at your facility's kiosk, you will see the "Vendors" appear under the standard check-in/Check-out buttons. 

(If you do not see the "vendors" button - but would like to start tracking vendors please email us at [email protected]

When a Vendor enters your facility they will click on "Vendors" and then click "check-in". 

The Vendor should enter their phone #, Full name, and Company they belong to. 

At Check-out, the vendor again should click "Vendors" then click "Check-out". 

The Vendor should begin typing either their Phone# or name and click "Check-out" next to their name once it appears. 

All the Vendor Check-ins will be viewable on your dashboard check-in screen under the "Vendors/Agency" tab

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