Instead of adding your users one by one, you can bulk import your users from a CSV/XLSX file. 

For each row in the spread sheet will either:

  1. Create a new user account 
  2. Update an existing user record (you have the option to recognize users by email or user Id) 

As long as all the emails or user ID's are accurate you do not have to worry about duplicates. Simply upload your most up to date spreadsheet into the system.   

Bulk import from CSV/XLSX file

When using this option you can upload all your employees' 

  • email address (required)
  • first name (Strongly Recommended)
  • last name (Strongly Recommended)
  • phone number (optional)
  • Date Of Birth (12/22/99) (optional)
  • Gender (Male, Female, Other) (optional)
  • Job Title (Strongly Recommended)
  • Employed Since (12/22/99) (optional)
  • Employee ID (optional)
  • Group (optional) - This will automatically add users to that group. If now group exists, we will create one and add the user(s) to it. 

To add users, go to the "Users" tab in your admin panel, and click "Add Multiple". 

The file upload popup will appear. 

Pro Tip: Download our pre-formatted spreadsheet. 

To make sure your sheet is properly formatted, download our pre-formatted spreadsheet and add your data to the existing formatted columns.  

Mapping Fields

For the Excel sheet upload to work, Column headers need to marked to match our attributes exactly.

Column headers are cap sensitive so be sure to write them exactly as depicted.

  • firstName  
  • lastName  
  • email  
  • phone
  • gender
  • employeeId
  • title
  • dateOfBirth
  • dateOfHire
  • group

Again, to make things easier, download our pre-formatted spreadsheet and copy and past your employees' information to it. 

Once you've uploaded your file, click the "Process Upload" button to process your file. 

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